Binary Options

Binary Options Trading

Have you been struggling for months, even years, trying to learn how to make money online?

Did you try everything starting from website building, AdSense, affiliate marketing or even selling your own products?

 Did you ever hear about Forex or binary options but found it so confusing that you didn’t even know where to start?

 Are you looking for a way to replace your boring 9 to 5 job with a business you can run from the comfort of your own home?

OK, get ready for this, because I’m about to show you EXACTLY how I generated $845,443.75 last year trading binary options – with a system that I developed during years of being a beta tester of the binary option platform!

That’s right:

For the past seven years I worked as a lead programmer for the forex company that created what you might know today as binary options, a simple, easy-to-use system. This system allows just about ANYONE to start trading currency and commodities with a simple-to-use interface and without needing any previous trading experience.


To make a long story short, my job was to make sure that the binary options platform was bulletproof, meaning it was my job to make sure no one was able to manipulate the platform in order to consistently make money using a so-called “system” or an automated process. The company I worked for gave me a REAL MONEY account with a balance of $8,512,456.45 in order to do my testing, and my job was to go through every possible system or method advertised on the internet and and test it with that account.

I’ve gone through ALL the websites you could ever possibly think of.

I’ve personally tested ALL of the systems you can find online, offline, and in ebooks.

While some of them have decent potential, most of the time the results were fairly negative, at least when used with the state-of-the-art binary options platforms I’ve helped build.

BUT… (and there’s always a BUT)

One day I realized that some of the binary option platforms DID NOT take into consideration a simple mathematic rule.

Yes, that’s right. These are hundred-billion-dollar corporations, with tens of thousands of employees including financial advisors, elite programmers, highly paid CEOs, and offices you could only DREAM of.

And how do I know it’s unsolvable?

One day, when I got tired of all the so-called “systems” and websites and ebooks and forums, etc., I tried using a simple set of rules that anyone can easily learn, and I was able to consistently make money and beat the binary option platforms I was testing.

But I was also pretty naïve at that time, and being the loyal employee that I was, I went to my boss with these findings. His reaction was that he would check with the board and get back to me about the next steps.

Meanwhile, I worked for hours and hours to try and find a solution, until one day my boss came to me and said, “Dan, you don’t need to work on finding a solution for this paradox any longer.”

I was dumbfounded and replied, “This is a discovery that can compromise the whole binary options thing we’re building – and you’re telling me to shut my research down?! I’m not even close to finding a solution!”

My boss answered, “I know, but I’ve taken this issue to the company’s board of directors, and the company’s psychological analyst told me we have nothing to worry about.”

Again, this made absolutely no sense to me, and I exclaimed:

My boss was surprisingly calm and replied, “Dan, the company’s psychological analyst says people will be too afraid to use this system because it also requires them to lose a few trades. These losses will discourage traders, causing them to stop before they finish all the steps required to completely utilize the system. Your research into this system is irrelevant –you are trying to close a loophole that is psychologically impossible to use.”

I was amazed at this point , and It’s only later I found the real reason for shutting down my research:

And so I moved on, continuing to try to find other systems, working from nine to five completely ignoring what I knew was a loophole in the system.

The binary options project was all done, the sites were already launching, the development stage was over, and they let me go – they didn’t need me anymore. They told me on my birthday. Sad, huh?

Well, I thought so too, at least at first. But then I remembered the system I had found, the one that the company made me believe traderswould never be brave enough to actually use, because it was “psychologically” impossible

Because the company left me with such a bad taste in my mouth by showing how obviously disposable they thought I was and deciding to fire me on my birthday of all days, I swore I would get back at them.

That’s right. I started advertising my systems freely on the internet, causing a whole lot of trouble to the binary options platforms, which simply CANNOT PREVENT people from using these systems (and you are welcome to check into this if you want).

In fact, they are so worried you’re going to use these systems that they completely stopped allowing traders to open a demo account, as they are worried people will find confidence while using the demo account and go on to apply these systems using real money. (But don’t worry, I will teach you how you can open a demo account without anyone being able to tell…)

Because every binary options website is a bit different, the systems I build are specifically tailored to a specific site.

And so…

And let me tell you what I’ve learned during trading my system:

But I’m also not going to lie to you.

I am also showing you my system for free to promote my product below. In my mind, what’s lacking on so many sites I’ve seen during my research is that no one allows you to actually test the systems they advertised before you bought something on their site. Well, I’m so confident that my systems actually work that I’m going to let you test it first, 100% free, using my step-by-step video on the next page.

So, without any further delay, I present to you:

As I mentioned, I’m giving you this system 100% FREE OF CHARGE, because I know that once you test it and see that it actually works, you will come back and buy my product below.